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**This page is being updated and more information shall appear soon. Please visit again for more information on HEART-PPP**

Across all infrastructure sectors, water, energy, transport and social services governments face and ever growing dilemma. Traditional public procurement falls short of bridging the gap between available public finances and infrastructure development needs both in advanced and developing countries.

Public-private partnership (PPP) is the answer.

PPP is a government service or private business venture that is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies.

To learn, or refresh your memory, about PPP please watch the video below.

There have been many seminars and crash courses about Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) coupled with the creation of PPP Units. However, we believe that though such seminars and programmes have increased the awareness and capacity for African countries to follow the PPP path, they have failed to deliver the desired result. This has created in some cases false expectations.

The complexity of PPPs cannot be learnt in a matter of months. This assignment is so huge that no single actor can handle it on its own; there is a need for concerted action between Government, private operators, local and international organisation.

Our proposition to create a platform and a pathway that will allow not only African Governments to benefit from PPP offerings, but to also increase confidence in private companies to engage and to take on the challenge knowing that they are supported all the way from start to finish.

HEART-PPP, in collaboration with the UN, proposes a systematic approach that ensures a successful pathway to benefit from PPP offerings. Our understanding of the critical success factors and the issues that might stifle implementation and what HEART-PPP can offer are summarised below.

HEART-PPP is registered in the UK that acts as a neutral partner and creates a synergy of collaboration. We provide the necessary expertise to ensure commercial success of the project; our experts will provide the necessary legal, economic, financial and regulatory analysis;

HEART-PPP will also ensure the society; people and other local government stakeholders are managed and there are no hurdles for implementation.