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Harmonising and Empowering Africa to Regenerate Together - HEART - is an international non-profit organisation that brings hearts and minds together to empower the countries within Africa to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), through the synergy of a global collaboration.

HEART International is a registered charitable organisation located in London UK. All of HEART's partners will have opportunity to influence its vision, the use of funds, and to access records of transactions to ensure funds are fully utilised for the intended purposes. All activities will be prioritised with the representatives of supported African countries, and with those support agencies already active on the ground


To begin a paradigm shift - uniting hearts and minds to empower regeneration and social growth in Africa

  • To act as a 'think-tank' to stimulate 'out of the box' critical and cross-disciplinary thinking.
  • To establish global collaboration partnership as identify by the Millennium Development Goal within the African continent.
  • To build capacity within African countries to drive and manage regeneration.
  • To provide support services to assist in monitoring and sustaining effective change initiatives, within and outside of Africa.
  • To create a long-term 'networking framework' for sustained development.
  • To urge African governments to agree and actively support enabling policies to create a framework for long-term, sustained development.

HEART's Aim and Objectives clearly show that the purpose of the group is to enable people of Africa to help themselves by drawing upon support needed and to create positive, meaningful, long-term international relationships.

The key word for HEART's activities is transparency of:
  • decision-making
  • transactions
  • outcomes

The current state of Africa in particular south of the Sahara is serious that no longer can we approach the problems and the people with the same old methods, with the same used ideas...in brief, with the same old paradigms. The sheer scale of the crisis, the extent of the failure, and the high cost in human lives are such that it would be unwise NOT to question our traditional and current approaches to Africa.

Something must be wrong

  • in the way Africa is governed
  • in the way we do business with Africa
  • in the way we conduct African affairs
  • in the way we help Africa
  • in the way we think about Africa
  • in the way we treat Africa

We must break away form our old ways and practices. We must have the courage to think and act 'out of the box'. It is this operation of deconstructing our present ideas of Africa in view of an African renaissance or regeneration, that we name the 'paradigm shift'.